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Friday, September 29, 2017

"The sad cat ran to the flag."

A couple weeks ago I figured out that Ru's 1st grade class was going to be having his first spelling test soon. We've had kiddos who needed to have spelling tests adapted to their abilities, and I assumed we'd do something like this to help Ru succeed. In addition to helping Ru continue developing the English language, our other main goal of school right now (and probably for a long while) is to help Ru feel successful. Above all we want him to happy where he's at, enjoy school and the process of learning. How much he's academically learning really isn't our current objective. There's a lifetime for Ru to learn stuff and a lifetime's full of stuff to learn. So we don't push school or homework or lessons, and we celebrate even the smallest of accomplishments.

I texted Ru's teacher.

Crazy Me - Trying to figure out what we should do about Ru and spelling tests. What should we do? Eliminate them? Reduce the list to just a few words? I didn't want to set him up for failure.

Teacher - He will be practicing in class a lot. It will be fine. If we need to modify it we can do that too. Let's do the first test as is and play it by ear.

Wha????? She sounded pretty confident with letting him give it go as is. I adore this teacher. She was Mimi's teacher last year, and I'm pretty sure we're on the same page with our goals. But still I wasn't so sure about this spelling test thing. I did study the spelling words him the week of the test, but not more than I studies with the other kiddos.
And look how he did!
Only one word wrong and even that sentence is pretty stinkin' fabulous if I don't say so myself! This is a guy that had only started to learn English 5 months ago! In order to spell the word correctly he needs to understand the word and how to properly pronounce it, figure out all the individual sounds in the word, then convert each sound to a letter name, and finally recall how to write the shape of each letters on the paper. That's a LOT of steps!
Look at that big ol' smile as he proudly showed off his hard work!
And you'd better believe that celebrated with him like crazy!


  1. He is so stinkin cute.....especially that last "grin"! The boy is amazing but I think you already know that!

    1. He's smiley SO much of the time! He's just the kind of guy that is living life to the fullest! We are so blessed!

  2. This made my heart swell with happiness for Ru!

  3. That is great! I had one son I had to stop 1st grade because the teacher refused to make any modifications on his spelling test. He started kindergarten instead. She couldn't get it through "her" head he didn't speak English so how can you spell duck when you don't know what a duck is? Not to mention you can't sound out a word if you've never had phonics etc... He hadn't learned the ABC's yet, but she wanted to give him spelling tests!

    1. Oh I'm so so sorry they didn't work with you! We've been so blessed with Mrs. M and her working with Ru so much. She just loves him so much and "get's it." Lucky us becuase I know not all folks are that lucky.


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