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Friday, September 1, 2017

The food is all yours, my boy!

Our kids make their own lunches for school every morning. It's one of the best things I've ever trained them to do. Lunch boxes come home empty, and they are happy with what they're eating. Not to mention the whole taking-responsibility-for-one's-self thing.

When Ru started school this year a few weeks ago, I was skeptical that he'd be able to make his own lunch. Not that he lacked the skills, but he pretty much lacked the skills. But more concerning was the fact that he didn't know much about what types of food go in a lunch, or my/his ability to get/prepare Chinese foods for his lunch, and all of that in a big enough variety of choices to keep him happy for the long haul. I knew he like peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches so that was a good start. But what else could he make that he liked and would eat?! He has been expanding his palette to accommodate American foods, but I wondered if we'd be successful in the lunch department.
What happened is that not only did it all work out, it's WONDERFUL! I'm slowly introducing new foods which he's willing to try because he sees Jude, Tess and Mimi making/eating it, and he ultimately gets to decide if he likes them enough to include them in his lunch. And here's the kicker. I have never seen a child so crazy excited to make his own lunch! Each morning he has options and he gets to choose how much food to put in the lunch box! Because not only does he get to pick what he gets to pack for lunch but he also gets to pack how much he packs in his lunch, and this unlimited supply of food, that he can eat as much as he wants, even with a variety of foods to choose from, it's like Ru's nirvana! Choices are his treasures, and food is one of his many love languages. And unlike his previous home where food was likely often (always?) a limited commodity, I'm thrilled to give him this freedom and this security, that food is here, and we will always have it for you, my son!

You want a turkey sandwich to go along with your thermos of pasta and red sauce, then yes, you certainly can have that! 
You want apples and grapes and strawberries and blueberries and a cutie all in the same lunch? Absolutely! 
You want to pack 2 whole peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches, pretzels, a cookie and an apple, and you say you're going to finish it all? Of course you can! 

And his lunchbox almost always comes home completely empty with a happy boy who's eager to do it all over again the next day.

Things like this go on daily.
Ru: What ya doin' Ma?
Me: Making dinner.
Ru: OH THANK YOU, MA!!!!!!! and he throws his arms around me and gives me a big hug. Then he skips off to play. And my heart swells even more from my love for him.

It's my pleasure sweet, wonderful, brave boy! All my pleasure!

Wherever you are, have a happy Labor Day, my friends, and enjoy your families.
And all the food of course!

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