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Monday, September 11, 2017

Making his birthday dessert

A tradition in our house is that the birthday boy (or girl) gets to pick dessert. Over the last few years I was in a cupcake mood and I asked the kids to pics any type of cupcake they wanted me to make. They got creative and so did I with s'mores cupcakeschocolate chocolate chocolate cupcakesorange cupcakesstrawberry shortcake cupcakes and many many more. Yeah, I went cupcake crazy for a few years. Maybe it was me, and maybe it was the kids, but this year I'm making anything other than cupcakes. 
Boo requested pie for his 15th birthday, specifically apple pie, more specifically warm apple pie with ice cream. He's kinda a traditionalist at heart. So I was more than happy to make my mom's apple pie with crumble crust recipe! 
And because Boo is an engineer in the making, when the apple peeler wasn't working quite right, he swooped in to try and fix it. (Seriously, everyone needs an engineer in the making in their house!) and that gave me an opportunity to snuggle in to my sweet baby boy and razz him a bit. And it wasn't until I looked at these pics that I was shocked and reminded at how tall he has gotten... or how short I am getting... or maybe both. 
Food is my love language, and Boo has always been especially appreciative of this. I think it's likely because food is one of his love languages too. Regardless, it's a pleasure to cook for him because he really enjoys my cooking, and I can only imagine him 20 years from now doting on his wife's cooking or making banana pancakes with his son. 
And I know those things will happen in a blink of an eye. 
PS - In a purposeful effort to be in more of the photos, all of these photos were take by Tess... with camera settings, editing and cropping assistance by me. Composition and subject matter were all hers! I am so glad that my kids will see more of me in the photos!


  1. Great job Tess. Don't laugh but I have one question. How did you get the crumb topping on that pie that was sooooo loaded with apples??? I would have had it everywhere but on the apples:)

    1. Not silly at all! A good crust is VERY important! The crumble is just butter, sugar and flour, cut together with a fork will it's crumbles but it is kinda mold-able still. So I use my hands to form it onto the top and around the sides, gently pressing it into place.

    2. the recipe---


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