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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A (hot) day at the zoo

Right around September, those of us who live in the desert start to get a little cranky.
We get sick and tired of 3 digit temperatures, We get tired of our heads sweating and burning ourselves on the seatbelts in our car. We get restless keeping ourselves cooped up in our expensively air-conditioned homes and not being able to tell our children to go outside and get the wiggles out. But we realize full well that we still up to another 8 weeks of ridiculous heat, and it makes us somewhat snarky about everything. Please forgive us. We're just really tired of being hot.
So when the temperature took a drastic dip to the high 90's, we all kinda got a little giddy, wondering, hoping, praying that maybe the summer heat was leaving us prematurely. In hindsight it was only hopeful thinking, but at the time it felt so possible. So of course as a family we did something radical. Something that we may or may not have regretted after the fact. We went to the zoo.
Unlike the dead of summer when it's hot 24 hours a day, (even at 3am!) mornings are where it's at this time of year. When the temps cool off even a little bit you can get out in the morning, walk your dog, water the plants, and feel normal before the heat of the day reminds you that you still live in the desert. So we planned on leaving the house for the zoo at about 7:30am because we're all awake any way so why not. But because it's always a little bit crazy around here we didn't leave the house till 8. And because the zoo isn't the same without a box of Dunkin' Doughnut Munchkins we didn't get to the zoo till 8:30am. By the time we actually renewed our membership and got into the actual zoo it was 9, and the temperature was already starting to climb. And after that it's all really just a big game to see how long you can endure  the heat that just keeps getting hotter with every passing minute.
We saved the splash pad for last which is always a favorite of the littles. (bunny trail... How long can I call them the littles? They're getting big. I'm putting way too much mental energy into figuring this out.) We made it till about 12:30 when the temps were in the mid 90's, and during that time profanities may or may not have been spoken under one's breath somewhere between the orangutans and flamingos. Some people just don't cope well with head sweat, and if you don't know what that is consider yourself blessed. Let's just say that head sweat is the gift that keeps on giving long after your sought refuge in air conditioning. And when the decision was finally made to leave, a certain mama who shall remain nameless but has bad knees was the fastest walker to the car, abandoning all her children and husband, all in the name of leadership.
I think these are the memories that we'll look back on and laugh at. Who goes to the zoo in the desert in the summer and expects paradise?
Desert rats who have been cooped up far too long, that's who!
And my head is still sweating.


  1. Beautiful pics as usual! I have but one question. Why weren't you in the splash pad?:)

    1. Well I did have my feet in. but honestly by that point I had a one track mind that was ALL about getting to the air-conditioned car!


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