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Friday, August 11, 2017

Little Fish

It's summer in the desert.
It's hot, but that probably goes without saying.
But becuase of the heat the kids spend a lot of time in the pool practically every single day. Could have something to do with the fact that it's about 110 degrees outside by the time they get homework done.

Something finally clicked and for some unknown reason Ru suddenly figured out that he could actually propel himself in the water rather than just bob around, and he can actually swim across the pool without the floaty now! Because literally for the last couple months he's just bobbing around in the pool going wherever the current takes him.
Keeping it real, Papa and I cannot stand having a pool. Seriously there is nothing worse than having an old pool. It continually needs maintenance and costs a ton of money I'd rather not spend. Maybe it would be different if we had a new(er) pool, but we don't. We have an old pool that likes to not work properly. But watching these little fish splash around after a warm day at school or after they get their chores done makes me wonder if it's worth it after all. 
Actually watching them splash around makes pretty much every thing worth it! 

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