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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Another Fighting Artichoke

As of today, just a few hours ago actually, we are the proud parents of THREE college students.
God, help us.
As I heard Papa mumbling under his breath as he paid the 3rd tuition, Maybe winning the lottery will happen. Just maybe, Papa. Be sure to pick up that Powerball ticket, kay?

Sunny is finishing her BSN (while working full time as a medical-surgical nurse!) at university, and we think she'll be done in January. Livy is a sophomore-junior ish in nursing school at a joint program with our local community college and ASU. And just a few hours ago, after much discussion... and negotiation... The Man Child drove off to his first day of class (in the golden rolling turd as the bigs call it) and humored his mama with a wave as he drove off!

He's officially a college boy!
Sunny set the precedent, and it was a good one, one we adopted as a family hook, line and sinker. After graduating high school, all our children attend community college for the first 2 years before attending a university, if they attend university at all. Part of this is due to costs, and we have a big family so it's a good thing indeed. But part of it is for all the reasons we discussed with Sunny years ago. We honestly think it's a better education, and we don't think 18 year olds are necessarily ready to leave the nest. A couple more years at home can be a good thing, a time to pass on fundamental skills about being a grown up and an important safety net if necessary.

So I'm proud to say that The Man Child is following in both his sister's foot steps and joining the ranks of the fighting artichokes (Yes, really, their mascot is really an artichoke.) at the community college down the way. Along with some academic courses he's taking weight lifting, backpacking and music theory becuase he's The Man Child after all and regularly reasserts his right to live a counter-culture life.

Which includes the right to not have his picture taken too often... or close up.

I know this decision didn't come easily for you, my son.
I'm so so proud of you.

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  1. Community colleges are an excellent option. Your kiddos are wise~~and Dave Ramsey (financial guru) will approve heartily of your family's decisions!


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