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Sunday, August 6, 2017

21 - Happy birthday, Livy Bivy!

Happy birthday to my now-adult daughter, Livy! Truth be told, between going to nursing school, working nearly full time
and the extra pair of hands you lovingly offer around the house, you've kinda already been acting like an adult for the last 10 years so this number really hasn't changed a thing.
When you were a little girl, you were afraid of most everything. Dogs. Candles. Ceiling fans. You were the only child in your kindergarten class that came home every day to take a nap 'cause the day was just too long for you without it. Likely because of this, we talked a lot about independence, fear, and safety... over the years. And not surprisingly now you are one of the bravest people I know. Really, I mean it! You are! You'll do anything once. You'll taste any food, (as evidenced by today's chicken feet!) You're up for any adventure. I think we could all use a little of your strength. Thank you for being one of my role models!
As per your request, I made an ice cream cake, chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream with Oreos to celebrate. I had never made an ice cream cake, before and in the end it wasn't very pretty, but it sure was pretty delicious if I don't say so myself! And although I was willing to make whatever you wanted for dinner (i.e. just like the ice cream cake) you chose to go out to eat for Shabu-Shabu, which honestly I was quite happy have with you!
Happy birthday, gorgeous girl! We all adore the young woman you've grown in to!

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