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Friday, August 4, 2017

10 - Happy Birthday, Dude!

This amazing young man is now 10 years old!
Double digits!
Maybe I shouldn't call Jude a "little" any more, but maybe I still will anyway because he'll always be my little adorable wonderful man! And I'm so crazy blessed to be him mom! Every year he gets older his light seems to shine a little brighter.

He loves fruits and veggies and is an avid golfer and baseball player. This year Jude was finally released from physical therapy after his club foot relapse and almost 1 1/2 years of PT! He's 49" tall and about 47 lbs, so he is a full head shorter than most of his classmates although he's almost a year older than them. He's is starting 4th grade in a couple days. He is a whiz at mathematics and is the comsumate direction follower which makes his mama very happy!

Jude celebrated his birthday by going out with Papa, Livy, and Tess for ribs and arcade games! Then came home for his chosen birthday desert of homemade chocolate chip cookie cake with vanilla ice cream and presents. Yum! His favorite present was a scooter which he has been riding around in the house ever since!
Luv you to the moon and back, Jude dude!

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