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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Our 4th of July

Our little summer neighborhood is a pretty special place. Because the desert is so hot in
the summer, this neighborhood in the high mountains has been an escape for the desert dwellers since the 1950's. Every 4th of July there is a carnival for the kids and a parade with more people riding on golf carts than there are spectators. It's a place that we re-connect with good friends that we only see on June and July, both for our children and ourselves.
Tess checking out her options at the cake walk
Boo working on his photography skills. He's currently taking one of my photography classes. 
What's the 4th without a corn hole competition! 
"Hello. I'd like 3 snow cones, 2 cotton candies... and a margarita please. 
Tess and her Granna. Who's loving who more? It's surely a coin flip! 

When you're the last one at the cotton candy booth... SCORE!
The little 4th of July parade in our neighborhood has grown quite large! 
'Cause there are never enough pics of me makes that really awkward face
At the neighborhood potluck
When 4 cousins insist on sharing the same rock in a whole forest of rocks
Waiting for the fireworks to start and having fun with with flashlights! I think the kids were each writing the first letter of their name, but Ru may or may not have been writing his in Chinese characters... not sure about that one! 
 u... and Papa on his cell phone
I love our summer neighborhood!

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  1. I love all the pictures, it shows such happiness, loves, and warmness of your family, I specially love the pictures of Tess with her Grandma, and Papa, and her strong, confidence pose with the USA flag, she is such a bold, beautiful little lady. I hope Boo is getting better with his acnes, he certainly is a handsome young man.


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