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Monday, July 24, 2017

A good stick or our 19th annual family summer tradition

In 2008, when I had been blogging only about a year, I first wrote about our annual summer junior golf tournaments. When none of the littlest ones were home yet. Mimi and Ru weren't even a twinkle in our eye yet, and U.S. government was threatening that Tess and Jude would never come home. And amazingly by 2008 we had already been participating in the junior golf tourney for 4 years. That means that this year is the 19th year in a row that our family has been doing this very same junior golf clinic! Good golly that also means I'm almost as old as dirt at this point. 
In honor of that first golf blog post I'll just give the quick Reader's Digest condensed of this years golf clinic/tourney like I first did 9 years ago, youngest to oldest.
Mimi age 7 scored a 7 - girl's 1-hole, and she took 2nd place!
Ru age 7 scored a 16 - boy's 1-hole and not bad at all for his first year!
Tess age 9 scored a 56 - girl's 6-hole, and she was right in the middle of the pack.
Jude age 7 scored a 44 - boy's 6-hole, and he was only 1 stoke away from 3rd place.
And just to round out the oldest 4 kiddos too...

Boo age 14 - Well he's here with us at the Little Cabin in the Woods but golf just doesn't tickle his fancy any more. And he's still not feeling well this summer so we're okay with that.

The Man Child (Patch) age 18 - He hasn't made it to Little Cabin in the Woods this summer. I think he's reveling in his quiet time down in Big House in the City. He's almost 19 years old now so it's his choice. I miss him. A lot.

Livy age 20 - She spends her summers working and often makes it up to the cabin for long weekends. She doesn't play golf any more though, not since she discovered fly fishing!

Sunny age 23 - Is still living in New Mexico, jumping on top of dying people, cracking their ribs as she does CPR to save their lives and making us crazy proud of her. We have high hopes that she'll be moving closer to us very very soon! Golf... not so much for her. But I've heard that she's really getting into the rock climbing gym these days!
Happy summer to y'all!


  1. Wow~~Impressive golf family~~even Ru. He is settling in so comfortably. Tess continues to startle with her beauty. (I re-read the posts from VN ~Jude and Tess were darling cherubs. And how they have grown!)

    1. They HAVE grown! I can't believe they are both going to be 10 years old in a month!!!


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