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Friday, July 14, 2017


#1 - I call this one Handsome Boy China Squat with Apple Core... for obvious reasons.
How do I look, Ma? So HANDSOME?
#2 - Please ignore Ru's (fairly successful) attempt at "cut cut" his own hair. Right there at the top, front and center, just in case you are blind missed it. They said when you adopt a 7 year old to prepare for toddler-like behaviors, so I guess I should have seen this coming.
***Note to self - must hide all scissors soon.

 #3 Seriously, who squats for this long for a photo session?  Chinese boys, that's who!
No really, Ma! Please finish taking the picture already! 
#4 Unfortunately, they found something in Ru's MRI that shouldn't be there. It's not what we were expecting, because there is no evidence that there is something wrong with our sweet boy... aside from a lifetime of crazy scars on his arm and abdomen which indicate a past with lots of somethings going wrong. But this wasn't a surprise either 'cause when you adopt a special needs child you prepare for the worst. The worst, we think, could be another mass (non-cancerous) and surgery. We're not sure what they found or how serious it is, but we are not worried. We have a lot of resources, an appointment in 3 weeks with a specialist (finally! Yay!) to get more information including treatment options, and faith that Ru is right where he was always meant to be. 
In the mean time, we'll be seeking 2nd and 3rd opinions. 
How many pictures you gonna take, Ma? 

#5 No matter what, he really is fearfully and wonderfully made.

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