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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Our fairy has a 3-day window

Mimi has something she's pretty stinkin' excited about!
But she's a little unsure about showing everyone at first. And she's appreciating that it's kinda hard to smile with her mouth closed!
Oh wait... mid-story she's totally distracted by a squirrel...
'cause who doesn't love squirrels?!
Yep, those are new holes where the teeth used to be! 
But when she opens her mouth for a smile it's plainly obvious that Mimi finally lost her 2 front teeth! In just as many hours! And if it was possible she got a little cuter with an adorable little lisp! I just love this short season of life with a gap in the middle of the smile. It helps that this lovely child seems to smile so much of the time! 
And the fairy, who unusually came on the very first night only because Papa remembered and was willing to get out of bed, brought a $2 bill for each tooth, which is a lot more than the usual $1 per tooth.
Because when you lose 2 teeth in 2 hours a little extra is in order, don't you think?

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