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Friday, June 16, 2017

Just to reinforce the fact that I am indeed crazy...

I had a 5 minute argument with this squirrel today. He was angry that I was in his space i.e. Little Cabin in the Woods. I was trying to convince him that I'm the one that fills up that squirrel feeder that he's perched on and certainly we could learn to coexist for the next couple months. Evidently he wasn't so sure of that and kept yelling at me and stomping his feet. I speak squirrel, but he was having none of it. It's 121°F in the desert next week so no way, no shape, no how am I vacating the cabin just because some little squirrel yelled at me. 

Summer. I love you. 

PS-There's a 400 acre forest fire that started this afternoon, which is tiny in the land of forest fires, about 25 miles away from us. So if things go south (Actually they'd have to go north for the fire to blow in our direction, which is already happening.) the squirrel may get his way after all. Chances are unlikely, my little friend!


  1. Be safe, and turn on the desert house AC on your way there?

    1. We are very safe and follow directions from officials re fires to the tee. So the moment they say leave we do. Forest fires are a way of life here, like other folk's tornadoes or earth quakes. There's a "close one" at least a couple times a summer.


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