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Thursday, June 1, 2017

"In China no clean up..."

There are times in life, especially when you have a big family, when all you can do is manage the crises. Sometimes you have to drop everything immediately to do what you have to do for those you love. There are times in life when there is no extra time for photography or blogging on lunches with friends or (heaven help me) a very-much-needed pedicure or any sort of "me time" and maybe most critical no time to try not fill one's heart with constant worry and stress. The last 2 months have been such a time. (Why don't we talk about this stuff more often?) One kiddo after another, and often simultaneously, needed guidance, often about the big stuff that moms and dads don't share so openly. As a family we've been struggling and keeping it real I didn't handle it well. Often I melted into t puddle of goo. I'm not proud that anxiety and panic attacks got the better of my more times than I'd like to admit. But I'm also happy to report I currently find myself surfacing and breathing regularly again. Busy yes, but in the midst of busy seeing God's glory and the little ordinary miracles He throws my way again. Some accomplishments have been achieved. Some not. And we're reassessing what's really important. In the end our objectives are not honor roll or gifted programs or eagle scouts is happy and healthy children and as simple as that sounds, it's not a given. We made our way up the The Little Cabin in the Woods right after school let out, where life is simple and so beautiful, and that always helps. No seriously... why don't we talk about this stuff more often?

I'm happy to report that little of the aforementioned meltdown had to do with Ru. Bringing a new child home, an older child, a special need's child did prime did the scene for the perfect storm of stress. But Ru certainly wasn't the 'cause of the stress and is still adjusting well to his new home and family life, as we all are.

So my apologies for my lengthy absence. I think I'm back, although with a large family one never knows what crises on the horizon. I'm taking some time these days for what heals my heart these days, taking photos, teaching a couple classes, being with my children and doing crazy-important stuff like hunting dandelions and playing Uno or Ticket to Ride.

Regardless, I really want to continue to show Ru's progress with English. This morning we were doing our daily chores. Ru doesn't really like doing chores but really who does? In the middle of wiping down some tables, cleaning rag in hand, he stopped to tell me that in China they didn't have to do any cleaning or work, that the "teachers" did all the cleaning. I don't think he actually meant "teachers," but he doesn't have the vocabulary to say nannies or cleaning people yet. He seems to really want to tell us about how his life in China and I think that'll be a beautiful gift that we can remember these stories for him as time passes. This gorgeous and wonderfully made kiddo talks incessantly, and we rarely use the translation app any more. It's amazing how much his English has grown in the 8 weeks he's been home!


  1. Oh my if only I could learn Chinese this fast! You're amazing Ru

  2. I don't think any mom, or any parent for that matter, hears it often enough...but Nancy, you're doing an amazing job with your kids. There are always struggles, but you've already raised some wonderful humans - and you're doing a great job shaping and molding the rest on their way. Keep your chin up! It'll help when the water gets high! I'm glad to hear things are evening out a bit for your family and happy to hear that Ru is fitting right in. Have a happy weekend!

  3. His pronunciation is great. He is so cute!! I think when you bring a new child home (well, I know he hasn't been causing problems)the first year is really learning a new normal. Plus, getting thru all the learning English, doctor appointments, and learning new family rules etc.. So, you add that with the normal issues of raising kids and... sigh... a lot. : - ) I should know since we've done it 12 times. I love your blog.


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