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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Trusting my mama-bear gut

As if he hadn't had enough trauma and change in the last month, unfortunately Ru broke his right arm last Saturday. Lest my caseworker think I was neglectful or even worse... he was in our back yard and broke it when he was trying to keep up with his sister and fell off the monkey bars. Pesky monkey bars strike again! Just last week Livy and I were commenting as we watched them running around in our back yard and were talking about how we were surprised that he has some delays in his gross motor skills. There're some gaps in things like skipping, doing a somersault, jumping and even his gate is kinda off when he runs. We also noticed that Ru has no idea how to fall and little awareness of his body in general. We were commenting that it was kinda dangerous because he's a go-full-tilt-boogie-all-the-time kind of guy and that combo was likely to result in an eventual injury. Ya, we said that a couple days before he broke his arm, and sure 'nough if happened. 

Since it was after hours, we took him to the little urgent clinic down the street. They x-rayed his arm and couldn't find a break anywhere. But my mama gut told me differently. The doc said to follow up with an orthopedist if I wanted. Radiology reviewed the x-rays and confirmed no break. Still my mama gut said the arm was broken and they just didn't see it. On Monday I called my pediatrician for a referral, and the "referral gal" was gone for the day so I couldn't get a referral. It seemed like the universe was telling me that Ru's arm wasn't really hurt that badly, and keeping it real, I really was thinking of dropping it altogether seeing as how I had both a doc and radiology telling me nothing was there. But seeing as how he just wouldn't move his arm for 2 days, and the swelling continued all weekend, my mama gut was still telling me something was wrong. I decided to book an appointment without a referral anyway for the following morning. Tuesday morning we went to see the surgeon, and he looked over the x-rays. Nope, no break and said something about an injury to the growth plate. Really, no 2nd x-ray? I asked and trying to look and sound as exasperated as I could. It sure would make me feel better if you'd just take another x-ray. Ultimately with a little push from this mama bear, we got got a 2nd x-ray. 

Now I'm no radiologist or orthopedic surgeon... but my mama-bear gut was right!
The 2nd x-ray clearly shows that his arm is broken! Actually it's broken in 2 places, on both the radius and his ulna, one of which even I, who has no medical training, can clearly see. I just remember thinking to myself, This is just so stereotypical reaction to a broken arm. I just has to be broken! Which is kinda funny seeing as how this is the first broken bone for any of the 10 of us, and  I obviously would have no idea what a stereotypical reaction to a broken arm would be. Nevertheless, she persisted (minus a pantsuit) and got another x-ray, and low and behold it was broken. 
Ru wasn't too happy when they had to squeeze and move the cast a bit before it set, but he snuggled right in to me for comfort so the silver lining is that he's coming to me for comfort when he needs and that's a great sign that attachment is making progress. And ever since the cast he's back to his normal ol' spunky self... and tells me every time he goes outside that those monkey bars are bad, and he's not going on them again!

So the lesson for the week is, trust your mama bear gut!
The cubs depend on it.

Awesome pics compliments of Livy the Unstoppable! Except for the x-ray of course that was taken by the 2nd technician that does know her left from her right!

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