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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

"...little bit baseball and then sleeping."

I've been trying to get some video of how we're communicating. 21 days since we've been home and this is a pretty good example of how much he's talking these days. We were at a restaurant having dinner, (Chinese and Viet food. I think he really likes eating some real Chinese food whenever he can!) and Papa asked him what he was going to do when we got home. I'm pretty sure he wants to make very very sure that he gets his baseball tv time in before bed! Which we're more than happy to oblige since baseball is one of our love languages around here!

Yes, he's in a sling.
Yes, he has a broken arm that is not set during this video.
Yes, he's not only a trooper and still smiling through it all. Every day I appreciate more and more that Ru is just one of those people that's happy in his soul regardless of any crap that life throws at him.
Yes, he is amazing!

More on the unfortunate arm incident later.


  1. He is adorable!!!!!!!! L'il bit of baseball and then sleepin'. Loooooove!!!!!

  2. That voice. And that smile!! I could listen all day :)

  3. Ru's English is coming along so well!

  4. Be still my heart!!! He is absolutely precious!!!

  5. Oh I just adore your precious new little guy! What a blessing!

  6. Oh. My. Heart! Ru is soooo precious. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Wow, his English is coming along great! His pronunciation sounds good too... like maybe no accent eventually. I have some that kept it and some that didn't. : - )


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