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Monday, April 3, 2017

Time In

The actual time in. He's looking at the timer on my phone counting down 60 seconds. 
Afterwards, we're waiting for Papa having more fun with cell phone games this time.
It's even fun when you lose!
Pantomiming, please give me the phone back because we're going to walk now. I love his little furrowed brow as he's trying figure out what I'm saying.And we move on. 


  1. Replies
    1. She's going well. We are VERY intentional about her getting lots of one-on-one time. She stays up an extra hour after Ru goes to bed each night. And when the going get super tough from Ru, Boo is there to take her away to do something special, which has happened several times already. Our goal for her was not to bond with her new brother or vise versa. It was for her to see "her China" and get to know it a little.

  2. Thank you Boo~ heartwarming photos of Mama with her boy~~(and Mimi having her down-time from Ru)? The "pantomime" photo is too funny~I can imagine Ru is thinking "Whaddya sayin'?

    1. I know right? That little furrowed brow tells me I need to keep explaining in a different way till he understands. I think on this time I was telling him he needed to give me the phone back so we could walk down to the restaurant and get lunch.

  3. Following your blog blesses me! We hope to travel next month to complete the adoption of our nine-year-old son from Panyu. Your honest reflections are both encouraging and eye-opening. I know we are in for a lot of "hard", but your glimpses of love, redemption, and joy are sweet. Thanks for your honesty and openness. I would love to connect once you're home...I'm sure your little guy knows our guy!


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