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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The pearl market

When we came to China to adopt Mimi, I didn't have a chance to go to the pearl market. So on this trip one thing I really wanted to do was go shopping for pearls, pearls for Mimi's wedding day. We bought 2 strands of pearls, one for Mimi and the other for Ru's bride. Yes, I'm planning very very far into the future. But I think it could be a nice symbol of their heritage someday. Mimi got to choose the color of pearls that she got and it's no surprise to those that know her that she chose pink ones at near double the price! It was kinda funny because honestly neither Papa or I really know much about pearls, and there's were hundreds and hundreds of strands to chose from, so in the end we were really relying on our guide to help us assure the quality and price.
After we selected the specific strands we watched as they hand strung and knotted into necklaces. I can only imagine seeing these pearls again one day in the distant future as 2 beautiful brides wear them. Someday.
I picked out some dark blue agate beads at $5 a strand that I'll have strung for a double necklace once I get back home. I think it's my favorite souvenir of our trip!
One thing that I thought I'd mention about Ru is that he's fascinated with money. When ever Papa gets money out of his wallet, Ru's are as drawn to the bills. Of course all kids like money but this is different. He watches the transaction and you can tell he wants money of his own. One the 1st or second we had him, we saw Papa's wallet and I caught him trying to sneak out some bills and hiding them in his pocket. I talked to him about it and since then he hasn't done it again, but he's still keeping a very close eye on wallets and currency. Today as we shopped our guide noticed his fascination with money and asked us about it. She then told Ru that his new baba (father) works very hard at his job in America to earn his money and that it's baba's money. She then told him that Ru will go to America and get a good education so that he can work hard and earn money of his own. Ru seemed to naturally respect what I can appreciate as very Chinese indoctrination.
But he's still keeping his on on our money.
Another thing we've noticed is that from day 1, Ru seemed eager to adapt to his new American life style. I noticed one the first day that he didn't want to use his chop sticks any more but would rather use a fork, even though it was very obvious that he wasn't very good at using a fork. Additionally the Chinese like to dress (what I think is) ridiculously warm for this gorgeous 75 degree spring weather. For example the locals are wearing an undershirt with another shirt, long pants, a jacket or 2 (I'm not exaggerating) and possibly a winter hat. Meanwhile we Americans are sweating with anything more than a t-shirt or top. One the first couple days Ru wouldn't go out with a few layers on. On day 3 he abandon the jacket and eventually the undershirt in the next couple days. Now he prefers to wear only a t-shirt, like the rest of us crazy Americans. One more way I see him eager to adapt to his new American ways is his eagerness to speak English. He shows off his counting skills and phrases he has learned in school. He often tell us I am the good boy. I've been trying to video him speaking Chinese but he doesn't want to show us this and certainly doesn't want it recorded.


  1. Ru's is such an animated little boy, taking everything in, he's absolutely adorable. He really seems to want to be with you, his face is extremely expressive. The pearls are a charming idea!

  2. Dancing on the pavement~precious photo. From that look, Ru adores you very much.

    (Truly appreciate the daily updates, and Boo's fantastic photographic shots).

  3. OMgosh, many of our kids from China also cared about money at first, and stole at first till I went postal. I'm talking in the sum of over $200. Meanwhile, I was embarrassed "I" was spending my money so fast. After my going postal it never happened again. I wasn't really mad, but I pretended to be so they would know it wasn't acceptable. Seems normal to me considering they were often hungry. One's foster parent taught them to steal. One of the older ones when adopted couldn't wait to asked us what her father did for a living (through a translator) and wanted to know who the boss was--me or Dad. Ru sounds really smart and he sure is handsome!


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