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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Finding our new normal (12 days home)

I wish I could post more often and tell you how things are going.  I want to for those that follow in our foot steps. But my hands are full and my hours are full. And my head is full. And life... well it's just really full right now, leaving little time for anything superfluous.
On communication
It's amazing how much and how well we can communicate without sharing a common language. We're communicate with a combo of the very few Chinese words I've learned, (like maybe only 5 of them that I can remember) the very few English words he's learned, (he is probably using 50 English words and understanding 100+ already) pantomiming, a really undependable translation app (We are using SayHi and it's good, but really we think it words best to use it for single words and small simple sentences. Still it gets it wrong often.) and making and creating our own signs (like bathroom, wash, car, plane...)
We had a Cantonese translator lined up to come into our home and help us translate but there ended up being a couple problems with that plan. Ru won't talk to them. Actually he won't talk to much of anyone in any language when we need or want him too but rather snuggles up close to my side and keeps his head down which is actually a sign  we're moving in the direction of attachment so we don't push him. And we haven't really needed much translation because like I said before there really is very little that we can't communicate given some time and a little creativity.
Ru gibbers away in Cantonese a lot, especially when he's playing with himself. But he is using English words too. We've heard Ru using short 3 word sentences in English already, and I'm actually amazed by how much progress he's made in English already. I keep trying to get some video of him taking but he clams up.

So long story short, it's amazing how communication really isn't a big deal. Yes, it would much easier if we could just talk to one another, but we haven't found his English and our lack of Cantonese a huge hurdle. In fact it's been much easier to over come (knock on wood) that we imagined, but I reserve the right to change my mind on this at any given moment!

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  1. There are multiple Cantonese dialects. Perhaps your translator spoke one that he doesn't understand. He probably would understand the one spoken in Hong Kong. If you're near a University, there may be graduate students from Hong Kong who may be interested in translating for you. Just a thought.


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