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Friday, April 7, 2017

Chen Clan Academy & 6 Banyun Temple

We had no appointment yesterday, so our guide, Molly, took us on some sightseeing on our off day. It was a holiday, and she asked ahead of time if she could bring her absolutely adorable 7-year-old son with her. We absolutely agreed thinking it might be a good for Ru to see another boy his age behaving in appropriately. We know that Ru knows what well behaved means, and he knows how he should act, but he just choses not to. And maybe it's the fact that Mimi is a girl that he doesn't seem the least bit interested in following her example. So went went sight seeing with 3 7-year-olds, all born within 3 months, in tow.
First we visited The Chen Academy, which is academic building dating back to the 1800's which is now something like a combo museum and art gallery for different modern craftsmen. We saw beautiful examples of pottery, porcelain, ivory carvings (yes they still do that in China apparently) ceramics... The children were somewhat interested. The two boys paired off like they were long lost friends.

This is what ususally happens when you try to put something in Ru's backpack. 
Maps tend to be fascinating to children in all cultures. 
Then we visited 6 Banyun Temple, where we came to learn that there are only 3 banyun trees remaining. It is a Buddhist temple and we were there on the Tomb Sweeping holiday which made it very very busy. Kinda like going to church on Easter Sunday. Normally I'm not into crowds, but on this occasion I have to say I loved seeing the hustle and bustle at the temple of the Chinese going about their holiday prayers to Buddha and their ancestors. We had a little talk with Mimi about prayer, since there was a lot of it going on in the temple, and about who we pray to is more important than how or where we pray. And yes, I prayed in a Buddhist temple. I prayed for our family and our sonAnd I surely stuck out like a sore thumb. Or maybe I'm just egocentric and think I did. Either way, Boo, who is more than happy to capture a plethora of pics of me, clicked away.
Ru prayed too, before a big golden Buddah, or I think that's what he did. Actually I think he was just copying what he saw other people doing, but there is an argument to be made that is how people learn to pray in the first place.
Mimi asked if she could pray too when she saw me do it. She was a little unsure how to pray so we did it together. And it made me giggle when we were done that she added and God please give me some candy to the end of her prayer. 
Tomorrow we head to the Safari Park. Then the following day we go back to Hong Kong! I must admit that so homesick. I'm missing the rest of my children and even though I'm dreading the jet lag that I always get so bad when I come home from Asia, I'm so so ready to get back home and try to start finding our new normal. 

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