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Friday, April 14, 2017

Baby birds

Today is Good Friday so no school for my kiddos so we are hunkering down and doing lots of being together as a family.
At this moment there are 3 teenage boys ages 14, 17 & 18, our 4 littles age 7, 7, 9, 9  and un-toothbrushed, jammie wearing, hasn't-bathed-for-days, b.o. smelling, greasy hair me in the house. Papa is at work and my helper extraordinaire, Livy, is at school. I'm thankful that we don't have anywhere to go today, but I'm pretty sure that there will be no time to get dressed or brush my teeth today.
Ru hasn't had a lot of time with his siblings since they've been at school all week so today is all about learning how to be a part of the team, learning to be in a family with them, having fun, learning where he fits in and we've had lots of opportunities to learn how to sharing, be nice and show compassionate. These lessons are presenting themselves all. the. time so I'm right next to them through it all. (Except for the 30 seconds that I ran to the bathroom this morning and just prayed the house was still standing when I got out. It was, but really this isn't a given right now since crises seems to arise nearly every minute.)
I was watching my own little baby birds play on the porch because it's the most lovely day here in the desert, when I heard a high-pitched squeaking from above. Low and behold right there on my back porch, while we were in China a mama bird had built a nest 10 yards from where the the kids were playing, and there were 4 baby birds peering down on me waiting for her return. Mama bird was about 20 yards behind me watching her babies. I was watching mine. This is something mamas of all kinds have been doing for a long time. I don't think she got her teeth brushed either.
Just maybe some aspects of this adding a new older child thing is less complex that I think, and it suddenly dawned on me that perhaps mama bird was hear to remind me of this. I have to remember to not over think it too much. Feed them. Keep them safe in the nest. Love on 'em and be there. Keep their world small and simple at first. Teeth brushing and a lack of bra doesn't really matter right now, right?

Thanks, mama bird. I'm gonna follow your lead.

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