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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Travel and Hong Kong day 1

We departed Phoenix on Wednesday night at 7:30pm ish and the flights from PHX, LAX then finally HKG were pretty uneventful. It was midnight by the time we got to LAX and were waiting for our next flight. Poor Mimi was understandably pretty tired at that point. When we landed here in LA she wanted to know of that was the long flight or the short flight. Poor thing. I had to tell her it was only the short flight and she was so disappointed thinking we were almost there! 

15 hours was the longest leg and it is a long flight. All of us got some sleep at least, mine was courtesy of a lovely little blue sleepy pill. We arrived in Hong Kong on Friday morning around 7:30am and headed for the hotel. Unexpectedly, the hotel had a room available for us early. The plan for the day was just to survive and try to get our bodies acclimated to the huge 15-hour time zone change. We spent the remainder of the day exploring, navigating the subway system and honestly just trying not to fall asleep. At about 2 pm we ended up back at the hotel and never made it back out. Boo and Mimi slept from about 4pm-7am the next morning! 
As we arrived at the hotel and Mimi was exhausted already. 
Papa and Boo trying to figure out the subway system
On Kowloon looking over to "the island" aka Hong Kong
Bamboo scaffolding everywhere
From what we've seen so far Hong Kong is amazing. Boo, Papa and I brainstormed and these are the words that come to mind to describe it. 
Amazing public transit
Lots of construction

Tomorrow's plan is to explore some more. We're all getting pretty excited about the upcoming Ru day that's coming so so soon! 


  1. gosh i love those pops of color of the boat and street life amidst the drab background-- gorgeous!

  2. Sweet Mimi! The travel is long!

    I remember when friends were traveling to China for their daughter they parked their car at a lot near the airport then took the shuttle to the airport. Their son jumped out of the shuttle and shouted, 'Yay!! We're in China!' LOL - almost! 2 long flights later they were there!


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