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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

T-8 and Who's going?

When Papa and I decided that we were going to adopt from China again and decided that we'd be adopting an older child, it was a no brainer that we both go on the trip together to get our new son. China only requires one parent to travel to China to get their child. But we both know that there's every possibility, even likelihood, that this will be a tough trip. It's not a vacation. It's a life altering moment in one's life that can be met with crazy hard grief that manifests in crazy hard ways. What may be a happy celebratory time in our life, is a tough reminder of loss for Ru. It's another change for him, another in a series of losses in his life. It's a source of pain and possibly anger. And we are the cause.
Ya, tough stuff.
So Papa's coming. Because that's what husbands and wives do, stick together through the hard stuff. We've had a really tough adoption in country. People get sick. Children get sick. The unexpected happens. We pray it doesn't turn out like that this time, but if we need each other to get through it, the other one will be there. Going solo just wasn't an option for us.

But we have a couple other travelers coming too!

First up, Boo. Yay Boo! (Maybe at 6'2" he needs a new nickname? But since we really do call him Boo around here, I'm sticking with it on the blog!) I'm so crazy excited to take him with us! At 14 years old, he's maturing into a such an amazing young man, and if I could make a confession it would be that my current little love affair is with him right now. He's just amazing, and I'm so giddy that he's sharing this journey with us. We've explained that this ain't no vacation, and we expect him to be a work horse when need be. We've explained the hard stuff that's to come. Livy has gone on both our prior adoption trips. The Man Child went with us to China when we picked up Mimi. But Boo hasn't. Actually when I first asked him about it he was hesitant to say yes because he didn't want us to spend the extra money. Ya he's that kind of kid! But we convinced him that we could make it happen with our hard earned points, so he's coming!

Up next, Mimi is coming too! We knew we wanted to take one of the littles with us. We think having another little person, like Ru himself, could really help with Ru's transition to being a part of a family. But again, this isn't a vacation, and it could be a tough trip. Jude was a natural choice to go, since he's a boy, like Ru. But he's super duper sensitive. Tess would be an easy choice to come too, mostly because without prompting Tess is everyone's friend. But Tess often doesn't handle transitions well. Mimi is sensitive too, but she is 100% hook like and sinker attached to her family, she's an easy kiddo and she and Ru are not-twins. The deciding factor is that even though she forgets, Mimi is Chinese! And if any of us should go to China, it should be the China person, right?  (Mimi calls people from China "China people" rather than saying they are Chinese. We're working on that one!) So Mimi is coming, and I can not wait to show her where she's from and share more with her about who she is.
Don't take this as lack of enthusiasm about going to China with us. Boo was a bit ticked at me for making him take a pic before we left for school. He is a teenager after all. 
And that's it. That's who is coming on our trip!
On our trip in 8 days. Just in case you wondered if I was counting.
I am.

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