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Monday, March 20, 2017

T-2 and sparkley things

We leave on Wednesday. Like the day after tomorrow! And I pretty much have the attention span of an ADHD toddler.
I try to pack and... Oh LOOK! Sparkly things!

My head is scattered... I try to gather the necessary documents and exchange dollars for Chinese yuan, and all I seem to accomplish is binge watching The Great British Baking Show because that's way easier. I'm re-considering our name choice. I'm cleaning our refrigerator for some unknown reason. What if he doesn't like us? I'm doubling already doubled recipes for every dinner so that our freezer is full when we return. Does my mom care about the ridiculous amount of dog nose prints on the sliding glass doors, cause I'm not sure I have time to take care of that. I'm making paper chains so Tess and Jude can count down till we return. I'm worried about how he's doing and if he's scared. I still need to buy tissue paper Pepto-Bismol. Surely the bed linens need to be changed before we go. How much toilet paper do we go through in 2 weeks? Everyone needs a rain coat so not to self-check to see if everyone has packed a rain coat. Surely it'll all fit in a carry-on, right? My favorite pants have gone MIA.

It's a lot of seemingly unrelated minutia rambling around in my head right now, and tomorrow will surely bring more of the same.

And Wednesday, right up until the moment we board the plane.
Thankfully Jude is here to help me pack. And keep me focused!

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