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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Happy forever family day, my love

What you can see...
The day you came to us 5 years ago, and the first moments we sat there seeing each other in-person for the first time.
The fear that permeated every part of your tender 23-month-old soul in those first weeks.  
The eye contact that you'd occasionally make searching for something familiar. 
A few of the layers of clothing you came to us in, 6 of them in all. 
Eczema on your sweet cheeks, an example of your eczema all over. 
Your gorgeous quintessential Chinese profile, almond eyes, full cheeks and beautiful bow-tie lips. 
You my love, an orphan no more in the first minutes of life with our unconditional familial love. 

What you can't see...

The pee that soaked through all 6 of those layers, soaking me as well as we sat there getting our first looks at each other, mother and daughter together for the first time. 
The way you looked out the hotel window for days, waiting for your "mama" to come back for you. 
Your heartbreak and cries every time an elevator or car door opened and you saw any Chinese woman, a woman you knew you wouldn't be going with. 
The genuine smiles that would come after a couple weeks in our care, more regularly over the next few months and all the time once you felt the love we wrapped you in. 
The girl you would become in 5 years, quick to smile and loves to twirl, giggle and be a girl. 
How you prefer to skip rather than walk. 
How you are still so sensitive to injustice. 
A chocolate lover. 
A daughter. 

Happy forever family day, Mimi, my love!



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