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Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Computer

Boo is 14 years old now. We joke that he's a man of few words, like he doesn't talk a lot. He's easy going and doesn't like to cause a stir. 

He just recently completed building his own computer... mother board, graphics card, overclocked CPU, auxiliary CPU cooler and all. I know nothing of these things. Lots of flashy pretty sparkly lights and colors is all I know. Amazingly he didn't need much help but Papa was there to give it when he did. It was money I'd rather not spend, but we figured when your 14 year old shows not only an interest but also an aptitude in doing something, the least we could do was help him in that way. When his teacher calls you out of the blue to tell you she thinks he's doing wonderfully...  He's really a great kid. 

He assembled the whole thing with no assistance. He's wanted to be an engineer since 5th grade. Recently he's thinking computer engineer. We think he's got an amazing future no matter what he decides to do! 

And ya, we still call him Boo. 

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