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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Not twins - part II

Mimi has something she wants to tell you! 
But let's start here. You see, we have a problem... well it's one of many problems 'cause keeping it real we've got lots of issues!

Papa and I are getting old(er), and we both have concluded that our baby rearing days are behind us. I loved loved loved having babies and being a mom to a baby, and chubby little thighs! I wondered for the majority of my 30's and into my early 40's if I'd ever get past that baby fever that I felt every time I saw a baby. But eventually, (Thank you, Lord!) I finally did get that feeling that we were done having babies, and the next babies would surly be grand babies only. (But not too soon, Sunny, okay? You hear me? NOT ANYTIME SOON!) Surprisingly though we didn't feel like we were done having children.

Enter older child adoption.
Maybe not surprisingly, older-child adoption is something Papa and I've always felt drawn to, but our family just hasn't been in a place to consider it till recently. Thanks to Tess and Jude, we'd done the not-twin thing already, and felt pretty confident that we had the skills to do it again, although virtual twinning wasn't something we were necessarily looking to do. When we started to really be intentional about what type of child would work in our family this time around, we already knew we wanted a boy, and after a lot of thought and prayer, we decided a child around Mimi's age up to a year younger would be what would work best for all of us.

And then Ru showed up...
and there was lots of research...
and discussions...
and prayer...
and we just could not get him out of our heads.
And then there comes a moment when you just know. You know he's the one, regardless of age, or gender or special need. You just know he's your son, and there's no looking back.

So Mimi wants to tell you that she's excited that just like Tess and Jude, she's gonna be a not-twin too! Ru & Mimi's birthdays are separated by only 18 days. Ru is 6 years old, but will turn 7 just before we travel to get him. Mimi's eager to tell everyone about her new brother, her very own not-twin is joining our family! We know that she doesn't really comprehend the challenges that come with having a not-twin, and we're doing our best to prepare her for those challenges. And really it's a privilege to get to do that for them both!

The paperwork is crawling along, and currently we're waiting on approval for our Ru's U.S. visa approval (I800) so when he comes home, he'll be a U.S. citizen as soon as he steps foot on American soil. We don't specifically know when we'll travel to get him, but right now it's looking like we'll leave mid-March. Which is only 2 months away! EEEEEEKKKKK!


  1. I saw him! We are also adopting an older child (age 7) from China and I remember seeing him just after we started the paperwork for pre-approval. He's adorable! I'm so happy for you all and him!

  2. Ru has a similar exuberant smile as Mimi's. March will be here soon, and beware~~here cometh the Awesome Foursome!

  3. Our not-twins are 4 days apart, the second one came at age 6. I would not change a thing!


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