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Monday, December 12, 2016

Oh ya, we Pokey!

If you're asking why we do it, and think Pokemon Go is a deplorable mind-numbing activity, I won't argue with you. But you may want to read this, with yours truly taking on the role of "dear friend."

Papa and I started doing it because the teens did it with us. Pokemon Go is a legal activity that gets us outside, walking and talking and just being together. And any activity that brings the older kiddos closer to us is golden in my book. So we do Pokey. Except now Boo and the Man Child have now divorced themselves from the game entirely, probably because it's just not cool once your parents join in. Insert parental sigh here. But still... we Pokey with the littles and Liv, and it makes for a wonderful way to spend the afternoon at a local park all together.
What you catching, Jude? A jiggly puff? 
Liv saw this picture and pointed out that Jude's foot is really turning in. Both of them actually. Guess I should bring that up with his physical therapist. Sigh. 
And Papa decided we needed to throw cherry Icee's into the mix just to make it the perfect afternoon. I think he may have been right on that. It's December, folks, and we're wearing shorts and drinking Icee's at the park. That's pretty perfect if you ask me! I do love the desert in the winter!
Let me bunny trail here and say not everyone was thrilled with going out and having family time. Little Miss Grumpy pants was required to attend much to her dismay. Food is a trigger for her and I think she was hungry. She was insistent on having a horrible time. And not even a Icee could change her mood. 
Eventually she climbed a tree to get out of her mama's arm's reach. Seriously that's what's going on in these pictures. This is the reality of what RAD looks like. Desperate to take back control and disconnect from the ones who love her most. 
But even Pokemon Go eventually helped our brave and wonderful Tess snap out of it, helped her turn her mind away from pain and her attempts at disconnecting from us, and brought her back to us. It may be mind-numbing but sometime that's just what is needed, a mind-numbing activity.
I couldn't help but think ahead when we add our sweet new boy to the mix, wondering if the next time we come to this park, if he'll be with us. We're getting closer and closer to the reality of him joining us with each passing month. March can't come soon enough in my book! Surely his siblings will teach him how to Pokey. Mimi will probably insist on teaching him how to play in China. Does anyone know if you can even play Pokemon Go in China?


  1. No Pokémon in China as of October. ... we have to play in parkas here, but it is a great family activity!

    1. That's actually good news! Then folks can stop giving my their Pokeymon passwords/access info for me to log in there and catch things for them! Seriously though, my kids (husband!) really wanted to know. Thx, Maria!


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