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Monday, December 19, 2016

Obligatory 1st grade graham cracker-house post

Last Friday, Mimi, who is currently in 1st grade (gulp) had a little classroom presentation and Christmas celebration with invited family. Livy and I got to attend, and first we heard a little reader's program. Mimi, flanked by Fox and Hedgehog, played the part of the Owl and played her part brilliantly if I don't say so myself! 
Then we got to help the kids make their gingerbread houses. 
14 years separates them. Aren't sisters wonderful! 

The 3 little ones have always called Livy by the nickname Sissy. And although Sunny, Tess and Mimi, are also sisters, they are never sissy. Only Liv is Sissy, and sometimes the littles have trouble remembering you her real name. 
In the end, I think they made the most beautiful gingerbread house ever created...
...which was mostly consumed on the car ride home. I'm glad I snapped a few pics of it before it was gone!

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