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Friday, December 2, 2016

Art Masterpeice

I received a surprise gift in the mail last week. Art work. You know the kind that little kiddos bring home from school and are proudly hung on the refrigerator with magnetized plastic letters. The least valuable and yet the most valuable type of artwork ever because it was made by precious little hands.
Yes, that's exactly what I got, but this one was made halfway across the world by little hands that belong to a boy that my heart has already fallen for hook line and sinker.

I opened up the envelope and literally gasped. My son knows how to do origami, and he knows how to do it very well thank you very much! Much better than anyone else in the Crazy House!
Do you see the fish? And the little bubbles?! And if you look closely he drew what I assume is seaweed coming up from the bottom! I'm pretty impressed with this amazing and talented this child is already! I see multiple packets of 6" pieces of paper being packed in our suitcase too!
Thank you so very much to our friend, Kelly, who was with our boy in China in October and took video of him creating this treasured piece of art, saved it, and carried hack half way across the world. At the time, she had no idea that we were going to match with this child the following week and saved it... unknowingly for us.

God weaves families in amazing ways!

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  1. Wow~~fantastic sense of coordinating colors. He is quite the artist! Looking forward to seeing his photo.


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