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Monday, October 31, 2016

4 days later we finally made it to Granna's house!

So... yeah... I've been horribly neglectful with the blog lately. I'm sorry. But there's a reason. And it's kinda a big huge monumental reason. But because, (adding insult to injury) I can't even tell you what that reason is yet., and becuase I don't want to risk teasing y'all, (too late! I know!) I guess I should just get on with the business of catching up with life at the crazy house. 

We took a surprise trip to San Diego with the little ones. (Big ones were all wrangled away in various places.) We told them we were going to dinner at Granna and Grandpa's house (15 minutes up the street) and 6 hours later and a story about how we got SO lost on the way there, they still hadn't figured it out. So we did what all normal people do when they get lost on the way to Granna and Grandpa's house,  we got a hotel room. They were so excited when we pulled up to the Sand Diego Wildlife Safari park! Surprise little ones! It was a great day! 

So then we told Jude, Tess and Mimi that we would spend the night in a hotel one more night and head home the next morning. Much to their surprise we ended up at the Legoland Hotel! Seriously those 3 kids thought LegoLand Hotel was the BEST thing in the whole world, and it never dawned on them that we might actually go to Legoland the next morning. Jude kept adamantly telling Tess, We can't go to Legoland, Tess! We're in California! Evidently he thought Legoland was in Ohio. Again they were so excited and surprised. 

Lastly, we did it one more time, and drove to Sea World, which they loved as much as Legoland, and told them that really, this time, we were really driving home. We ended up driving to Granna and Grandpa's house where they had dinner. It was a great little trip for all 5 of us! 
Purposefully, I didn't take my camera out much. I wanted to be with them. A few pics at the Safari Park and a few in the hotel room, but that was it. I tried really hard to let go of the pics and even indulged letting Legoland and the Safari Park take some for us. Looking back on them, I wish I had taken more pics. These don't seem to represent the fun we had. But I did LOVE being with the kiddos intentionally for the trip and not worrying about the big-girl camera.

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