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Friday, September 30, 2016

Me time

This was today.
I know that I do much better in that little chair that is next to the patient's bed than actually being in the patient's bed.

I had both knees scoped this morn to repair torn meniscuses. (Mesnesci?) Nothing huge. All outpatient. But still. Mama needs to take care of herself so she can take care of everyone else, which has been kinda tough to do for the last 7 months because of these pesky knees!
I worried ('cause that's what I do) that I'd regret having both knees at the same time. It was an option of getting 1 done now, recover, then the other one done later. But in the end we decided to do both at once and jut get all the recovery overwith all at once. But I'm a total wimp, and after all I know that I do much better in that little chair that is next to the patient's bed than actually in the bed. After they gave me the pre-op sleep juice, Papa says I was giving some Whoop Whoops with my fist in the air as they were wheeling me down the hall saying "This is some really great stuff!" I have no memory of this.

I have seriously have NO recollection of this pic being taken post op. None.
Right now, all seems to be okay. Kinda really okay! (knock on wood!) Much to my surprise I have been up, out of bed, and walking already. Maybe this is still because of that lovely Fentanyl cocktail that I have floating around in my system. But I am happy that after injuries in January and February, I am finally going to start recover.


  1. Bless you!! You all have had a rocky summer! I hope your house is back together...I'll be praying for your recovery!

  2. I second to the tough mama. Speedy recovery to you !


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