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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

I'm just over it! (or another embarrassing complainy mess of a post)

Sorry for my lack of contact.
I've been busy tubing with the kids on the lazy river and drinking complementary Mai Tai's. I've gotten a couple pedicures and gone out to eat every night. Someone has been making my bed everyday and emptying the trash when I'm not looking. It's a vacation after all, right?  Well... kinda.
So 3-4 weeks later, this is where things stand with the #BlackMoldVacay2016.
Half a wall gone between my dining room and the great outdoors. Slowly processed insurance claims and constructions works who like to get paid. The small AC unit on the far side of the house finally called uncle. So did the refrigerator for working overtime in the very-hot-house.
The hotel was a great idea, and we had a blast for the first week. The second week we kept smiles on our faces, fsome of us are better at this than others) and reminded ourselves that this is a first world problem. And now at the conclusion of week #3, I'm embarrassed to say that we're tired of living in a hotel. Ad Jude just said, Mom, I'm all Chipoltled out! All in all, we're just over it.
I'm tired of being upbeat and optimistic about it.
I'm tired of being treated like a guest. I know that's crazy but I am.
I'm tired of shuttling kids from the hotel to 2 different school and back again adding way too much time onto my commute.
I'm tired of eating out.
I'm tired of room service and have my hotel room magically cleaned by fairies by the time I return for the day. Oh wait... maybe I'm not tired of that part yet.
I'm tired of feeding the family out of the hotel's mini fridge.
I'm tired of trying to get the littles to do homework everyday with 1 desk between the 3 of them.
And believe it or not, I'm even tired of the lazy river! Although my best girlfriend and I did have a really nice long afternoon there one day sans kiddos where one to many Mai Tais may or may not have been consumed, delivered by a pool boy named Sven. But that's probably beside the point.
And because of this, 3 weeks later, we checked out of the hotel and moved back into our very hot house, compete with no ac yet and continued construction.
Way too many days later, (27 days later, but who's counting?) as of right now, the air conditioning is still not repaired in our home.
I feel like the biggest complainer that ever existed. But I'm tired of being treated like a guest, and we all just wanted to be home at this point. So we are. If we're picky we'd prefer to be in an air conditioned home. But that's yet to be determined.
ps-I'm counting. That's who's counting.


  1. This is very weird. I always thought that in the US you get everything on the spot and customer service is perfect. Or near perfect, at least. 3 weeks it's a long time. We live/survive in a hot house every summer when the temperatures rise because I don't turn my air conditioning on often because doctors always scream that it is not healthy to stay in cool temperatures then go out in the heat, and vice-versa. :)


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