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Monday, August 29, 2016

When life gives you black mold, make Mai Tais!

The whole black mold saga is still ongoing. It's been 2+ weeks now. I haven't seen it in a while, but Papa tells me that there's still a gaping hole in the dining room that leads to the great outdoors. Honestly, living in the house while they were working on it wasn't that bad. I ran a lot of errands and cooped up in my bedroom when I was home. But cooking anything in the house was miserable! And strangely, the family thinks eating 3 meals a day is the norm! Who knew, right? Well growing kids gotta eat, I guess! Sweat was dripping off me and of course that makes the mama bear in me a wee bit irritable. The insurance company gave us the go ahead to get out of the hot house,  and I explained that there are 8 of us and a traditional hotel room doesn't fit us. And the insurance company instructed us to find a casita or something we can comfortable exist in... so we did! I packed up the crew, and we headed to the JW Marriott!

We're making lemonade out of lemons. Very hot lemons. 

Amidst the 5 pools there's a lazy river and the littles are pretty sure they dies and went to heaven because we're pros at being lazy! Lots of entertainment for the kids too. Many games of corn hole have been played. I have scheduled a pedicure, and Liv and I are visiting the complimentary spa. The nights are late, and the kids are sleeping in! Unlimited balls on the driving range and that makes both Jude and Papa quite happy! Not only is there a Starbucks on the property, but there are no less than 12 PokeyStops and 1 PokeyGym at this resort too, and I think the resort has started calling us the crazy Pokeyman Go family. I won't tell you how excited I got yesterday when I caught my 1st Tentacool! But I did. And it was fabulous! I will also admit that several Mai Tais have been consumed.

So real life has come to a grinding halt for the time being. But the alternate reality we're in is very wonderful! 'Cause as a friend reminded me, when life gives you black mold, make Mai Tais! And that's just what we doing! An unplanned staycation.

We hear the house might be inhabitable on Wednesday, and by inhabitable I mean be rid of the mild and have a working air conditioning again. We're so sad to hear that.

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  1. A blessed gift from the heat and mold. All good (and unexpected things must end) and I am sure you are ready to be back home.


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