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Monday, August 8, 2016

In her home...

Visiting Sunny in her home had my heart doing somersaults. Her home. Where in the world was that bird-haired baby of mine who was just yesterday toddling down the hallway in footie pajamas? Grown up is where she was and now in a home of her own! That's where she was. Married. A husband to take care of and who wonderfully takes care of her. And my somersaults just kept coming as I let it sink in.
My mom and I had planned to take every out for a celebratory dinner after her graduation, but Sunny preferred to stay in, so we made dinner for her. Her choice of menu. She chose gourmet hamburgers and fruit salad. And wine. Again, being with my daughter as she has a glass of wine still catches me off guard. 'Cause she's 13 after all and shouldn't be sneaking wine... or not.
Livy and her friend Neiko drove over and met us in NM at Sunny and The Airman's home. Camping along the way. Turning it into a 9 day, 2,000 mile, road trip. With their dogs. Just like big people do. She didn't need me one little bit. Again, kids grow up way too fast.
At one point I looked out the window and saw Sunny and her Airman at the barbecue together, grilling hamburgers, together like married people do. And it just jolted through me, that this is what it's all about, this raising children. Don't get e wrong, she may be married and living a plane ride away, but we're far from done parenting her. We still take every opportunity via email, text, phone call and when we're real lucky in person, to parent our oldest daughter. But this is goal in the end. To raise healthy, productive members of our community that do right and try hard and serve with a heart for God. And that's just what I saw through those blinds.
I suppose with time, (lots of time!) I'll get used to it, her being married and having a home of her own. But for right now, on this trip, I did have to duck into the hall way every once in a while and wipe away my tears. It was a celebration after all.

A wonderful celebration!

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