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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Good news. Bad news.

Good news... The kiddos all started school, and there wasn't a single hitch in the giddy-up!

Bad news... Bad mom of the year award goes to me for not taking a single photo during their first (or second or third) day of school. Not even a cell phone pic.

Bad news... Shortly after school started, on Saturday evening, our air conditioner went out. It's summer in the desert y'all and we don't have air conditioning!

Good news... We paid the extra for a service call for the AC guys to come out on a Sunday to fix it.

Bad news... They didn't have the part they needed.

Good news... They could get the part in one day and come back and fix it on Tuesday!

Bad news... When finally came back to fix the AC on Tuesday, (I say finally because it was a steady 90 degrees in the house by then, day and night.) they found there was a long-term leak underneath the AC unit, and now we need to deal with removing black mold before the AC could be fixed. All work on the air conditioner came to a grinding halt.

Bad news... It was 108 degrees on Tuesday.

Bad news... It was 109 degrees on Wednesday!

Bad news... We live in the desert.

Bad news... It's summer time... in the desert.

Bad news... I've been sweating in lots of unmentionable places that I haven't sweat in for a long while.

Bad news... It's now Thursday, and the AC is still not fixed.

Bad news... Teenage boys start to get a little pesky after living more than 3 days in 90 degrees homes,

Bad news... and so do mamas.

Good news... It's only 103 degrees here today, and those 5 degrees make a big difference.

Bad new... The AC is still not fixed.

Good news... We have a smaller AC unit on the other end of the house so my bedroom and bathroom are cool-ish. So the whole family is clustering in my room these days.

Bad news... When I say cool-ish I mean 80-85 degrees because if I use that AC too much, it will try and cool the whole house, and it will freeze over, or break. So 85 degrees it is in my bedroom currently!

Good news... A broken AC is a first world problem.

Bad news... Unbeknownst to me, it's "uncool" for teenage boys to sleep in their mom's bedroom, even when literally it is cooler than sleeping in their own bedroom.

Good news... The insurance adjuster is coming out this afternoon, and we think we can get some compensation for the mold removal,

Bad news... but not the AC repair.

Bad news... He's not coming till this afternoon which means mold cant be removed till tomorrow at the earliest, which means AC can't be repaired to Monday at the earliest.

Good news... Monday's forecast is only 99 degrees! And it's a "dry heat."

Bad news... Really folks, 99 degrees is still 99 degrees no matter how dry it is, and that's still pretty hot when you don't have AC.

Bad news... The freezer went out working overtime in the non-air-conditioned house.

Good news... We had the freezer fixed relatively quickly and easily. Again, first world problems are really a blessing in disguise.

Bad news... Papa left town on Sunday, the day after the AC went out.

Good news... He'll be back tonight!

Bad news... I decided to stop doing laundry and cooking anything yesterday.

Good news... Laundry waits and take out is a blessing.

Bad news... My acne is flaring up because of the aforementioned sweating. I'm really too old for acne. I'm searching for a support group for women with perimenopause and acne, and not surprisingly can't find one.

Good news... I get to be their mama every single day,
Good news... and their's too,
Good news... and this crazy's guys wife, even when he's being extra uncooperative when I'm taking passport pictures shortly before the air conditioner went out!
Good news... and I'm pretty sure, air conditioning or not, summer desert heat or not, that that makes me the luckiest person on the face of this planet! 

Bad news... The insurance adjuster never showed up. 


  1. Nancy~~

    I feel for you. Any ceiling fans to help "cool down" the dry heat? Growing up in tropical SE Asia and without any AC (back then, AC was for the very wealthy!), ceiling fans and handheld bamboo fans did the trick. Wearing very light cotton dresses.

    Yes, a broken AC unit is indeed a first world problem. Especially during the sultry days of July through August in North and South Carolina. Trusting the AC gets fixed soon.

    1. Ceiling fans are almost everywhere they can be in our house, (as is for most homes here) so that's good! A wet/moist clean dishtowel draped around your neck and a fan are a very good thing! Unless you have to go anywhere to do work, like laundry, or clean the kitchen...

  2. Technology is your friend... until it isn't! As someone who almost literally melts when the temp gets too far above 80, I feel your pain (and sweat dripping into eyes, uncomfortable chafing, acne, and all the other fun stuff). Keep the air moving with fans and it'll be less unbearable -- and hang onto that wonderful "first world problem" attitude! Soon this will all be just one more really cool (ironically) story for all to tell. :-)

    1. Lots of the rooms in our house have ceiling fans and we're definitely using them. Hopefully mold removal happens today! As long as we keep making progress I'm happy! Sweaty but happy.


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