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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Anything for her

How could anyone say no to this face?
Ask me for anything, sweetheart, and I will say yes!
A pony? Why certainly! Yes, you can have one tomorrow!
Another cupcake? Of course! It's yours!

Some more ice cream to go with it?
Twirly dresses with ruffles and sparkly shoes! Yes! yes! yes!

A puppy?

A tree house in the back yard?

A bicycle with a banana seat, a bell and steamers? I'll find one for you!

A new car on you 16th birthday?
A pair of wings so you can fly to the moon?

A magic wand?

A pot of gold at the end of every rainbow?
A flying dragon with a purple tail?

To always believe in the tooth fairy?
A perfect score on the SATs?

To rid the world of evil?

Eternal happiness?

The world is yours, my darling. I promise I will strive my hardest to make it all happen for you!
How could I not?!


  1. She's absolutely lovely in all of them, but that non-smiley one at the end takes my breath away!

    1. She just had to pick a pic of herself to take to school and that was the one she picked. I was surprised she didn't pick a smiley pic, but she said that one was her favorite!


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