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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Swimming, garden veggies & short comings

We had to trek back down the mountain to the desert for a couple appointments, (Dental. Mine. Don't get me started.) and just about the only good thing about the desert in the 115 degrees is the pool. So the kiddos swam and swam and swam and swam some more to get the most out of the pool. After 5 weeks playing in the mountain they had accumulated a lot of dirt in every crease and being in the pool no less than 6 hours a day was just the thing to soak them clean. 

I want to say more yes'es to my family so in the middle of it all, Livy is harvesting from her garden so the kiddos has super fresh tomatoes and carrots while swimming. Because why not eat veggies in the swimming pool. 
Keeping it real, it has been... it is a rough couple days for me. Not because of the desert and the heat. Not because of the dental work, although that hasn't helped any. Not because of the kids. Just because of my own shortcomings.

... and just keep focusing on the ordinary miracles in the pictures so I don't drown.

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  1. Oh to be a child again~~eat, play, eat, a cabin by the woods.


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