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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Puzzle making... and a lizzard

These images are so us.

The puzzle took 2 days for the family to complete. I'm not a big puzzle person, (but I might be after this) so I thought that was kinda fast! Not always, but because we are a big family there was usually someone working on it all the time, trying to finagle a piece in somewhere. And every single person in the family helped get it finished. I love these images becuase the are just so right where we are right now!
The Man Child who really is hardly ever wearing a shirt, 'cause why would he?
The lizard, becuase why not.
Livy with a little one next to her.
Boo popping in for a guest appearance.
Not to mention that the TV is off, and when it's 115 degrees outside, and we're all trapped indoors, that's not a given!

ps-if anyone wants to link another 1000 piece puzzle that's not crazy hard from Amazon, I'm going to need to buy another one!

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