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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Star Student {Sennie}

Meet beautiful Sennie!
When I first "met" Sennie I was kinda fascinated with her life. She contacted me about my beginner's photography class and that's when I discovered her amazing wonderful blog. Actually I had already been perusing her blog before I even knew about here, and I learned that Sennie is Finnish, and she and her Captain have quadruplets and 2 daughters adopted from China. Their family splits it's time between Maine, Florida and the confines of a a 1991 Airstream as they travel the country. Sennie home schools the whole brood all the while. Well... we have that Chinese daughter thing in common... and we're both moms... but I think I'd be quaking in my boots to have quadruplets, much less teenager quadruplets and confine them all in a motorhome long term. As you can see, she's pretty amazing!
Sennie took my beginner's photography class. Then my editing class. I think she even took a took a couple more classes. And earlier this year we even got to meet each other in SanDiego at a photography workshop. I met one of the most beautiful, gentle souls in Sennie. She's the kind of woman that you'd really want as a best friend. Or sister. Or both! And that's also when I really learned about who Sennie is as a photographer. She's not your traditional portrait photographer. She's a real-life, see-the-beauty-in-your-everyday-moments photographer. Her lifestyle images regularly blow my mind!
I took my first photography class with Nancy a couple of years ago. I had an entry-level Nikon DSLR camera, and had been shooting in auto mode for a long while. When I saw her ad for learning how to use a DSLR camera and make sense of all the settings I knew I needed to take her the class. I had already taken a class at a local photography shop, and had tried to read about my camera online and from my manual, but had felt both a waste of time. I felt very discouraged, and wondered if I’d ever be able to learn to use my complicated camera.  
I contacted Nancy, and she was very encouraging and easy to talk to. I decided to try one more time. I found her class structure to be very helpful, having a group on Facebook to interact with, and being able to watch instructional videos at home when convenient for me. Having Nancy give feedback on images was most helpful. She was so encouraging as she taught everyone in the class, making it a joy to learn.

Nancy is a gifted photographer, and also a natural teacher. My very first Manual n’ More class is what unlocked for me this incredible journey.

A journey to rediscover a creative side of me. I thought I was learning the mechanics of my camera and learning to take better pictures of my children, but one class led to another, and a passion was born. A passion to see beauty, to see all those ordinary miracles around me, every day, and to record them with my camera, so I/we would not forget. And a passion to tell stories with my pictures. For my family, but also for others.

I have completely fallen in love with photography, and my life is so much richer for it. 

Thank you, Nancy,  for unlocking the mystery behind all those buttons on my camera, and for getting me started on my life-long journey!  ~Sennie

You are very welcome, Sennie. I assure you that the pleasure is all mine!

Sennie is just starting out doing family life-style images for hire. If I lived in Florida in the Vero Beach area, including parts of Orlando, West Palm Beach and Cocoa Beach I'd be all over that like white on rice! You can check out more of her amazing work HERE.
I honored to call Sennie my friend. I'm inspired by her photography, and now she's teaching me a thing or two about photographing the real un-staged moments of life. And I really hope we'll get to meet up in person again soon!


  1. She truly is a beautiful woman! Inside and out! I'm so blessed to be able to call her my friend! She's super talented and her images makes my jaw drop quite often from the pure stunning effect!

  2. I started to follow Sennie's journey to Mei-Mei, and has been reading her blog since. Sennie has a beautiful family and her photos are amazing. Kudos to your training as well, Nancy.

  3. I would love to follow her blog! Thanks for sharing Nancy!


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