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Monday, June 13, 2016


We're all settled in for the next 8 weeks at Little Cabin in the Woods. Sweet summer! It's my very favorite season. It's full of lots of nothing and lots of time to do it in. Our days are filled with things that are so insignificant that they hardly matter, and a realization that those little bitty nothings are the very things that made each day so special.
Like the sound of the wind as it blows through the pine trees. Late afternoon walks. Sitting on a neighbor's porch. Wildflower picking. Watching the squirrels. The kids are already covered in skinned knees and elbows. Reading a book. Making and eating popsicles and our favorite summer foods. The little family of foxes that live under the porch of our neighbor. Butterflies. Squirrels. And on this occasion, a caterpillar.
Tess and Jude lost interest eventually with the furry, crawly, and little visitor, but Mimi as pretty sure she'd found a new pet. I had to do some persuading, but eventually convinced her it was best to set it free so it could turn into a beautiful butterfly.
Lots of nothing at all to do and a whole bunch of time to do it in!
 And this little guy couldn't figure out what the big deal was all about!

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