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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Tiny bugs

Common Knowledge:
When you have petite children and they end up in the back row of a school play, sometimes they disappear behind sombreros.
This is how Tess and Jude looked for the 99% of the 2nd grade play. Thank golly for the antennae or we would have lost them all together. Thankfully Livy took pics and drew arrows when I didn't.
Lucky for us, Tess's boldness helped us see right where her brother and she were sitting. 
But seriously, how cute are out little bugs?! A yellow shirt with black duct tape. And a green shirt turned inside out. Adorned with a couple accessories via Amazon prime. A bumble bee and a green something-or-other. I love simple costumes so it's all about the kids, right?
We sure do love our tiny little bugs!


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