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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Summer has officially started!

One thing I do like about our school district's calendar is that school is usually out by memorial day weekend. Right when summer should start! I'll be singing a different tune come Labor day and our kiddos have already been in school nearly a month, but for right now, Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer, the beginning or lazy days and not getting out of our jammies till noon and our cherished time at Little Cabin in the Woods. I had the car loaded and picked up the littles from the school's carpool lane ready to head up the mountain immediately! Papa comes up each weekend, and tries to stretch out his weekends to 3 days as often as possible. Livy will stay at Big House in the City to work and drive up occasionally on weekends that she doesn't have to work. The Man Child will also stay in the city for summer school (and let's be honest, to hang out with his buddies) and come up when Papa does. The rest of us stay up in the mountains and only go back down to the city unless necessary.

Unfortunately, the summer started with 4 of the kiddos getting some nasty hand foot & mouth like virus. Except it was only in their mouths. Blisters in their throats, high fevers and vomiting. Tess missed the last few days of school entirely. But thankfully I think that part is over now, and we're left with the pine forest, the wind in the trees, sunshine and 2 months of bliss! I'm pretty sure most of us are feeling as happy as Mimi!

And I'm feeling more relaxed and rejuvenated already!

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