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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Shanghai, HERE I COME!

2 days until I get on the plane

3 days until I arrive here

4 days until I meet these beauties

Golly I really should more packed at this point. 1/2 my suitcase is already packed, the half with all of the fabulous donations from y'all! THANK YOU to the amazing folks that bought bibs, Tylenol, Miralax, eye drops, Legos, weighted blankets, coloring books and more! THANK YOU SO MUCH from the bottom of my heart!
The other half of my suitcase is empty though. I better get on that pronto.
I'll be arriving in Shanghai on this Sunday, visiting a CWI there, then traveling on to Changsha and visiting another CWI there. Then lastly off to Jiangxi and visiting several CWIs there. Then hopefully I'm going to take the train back to Shanghai, (I love train travel!) and fly home from there. I'm going to try to post at least a photo everyday I'm gone. It might just be a single photo to say where I am and what I've seen, and that'll do since my days are going to be full of the amazing children that I'll be with. 

Okay, see you on the flip side! 

Shanghai, here I come! 


  1. Nancy~~~~Journey mercies to and from China. Looking forward to your postings from China.

  2. Oh so very glad I checked in here to see how you guys were doing. I'm so outta sync with everything. SO very excited for you Nancy! I will definitely be praying for safe travel.


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