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Friday, April 8, 2016

Registration OPEN!

Before I zip up my suitcase and head to the airport bright and early tomorrow morning, I wanted to be sure and tell you that I just opened registration for the next Manual n' More class. This class has gotten so popular that I've decided to offer it twice this year! 

I just love teaching this class! If I had to pick a favorite class to teach, it would definitely be this one because I get to see so much growth! I love to watch y'all get that really, really great shot of your kids, and you realize, you've got it! The lightbulbs go off, and you know you and your camera have a beautiful future together!

Let me run through a few of the common questions that I get about this class.

1)  This is THE class that starts your photography journey. It covers all the basics for shooting in Manual mode with your DSLR. But it doesn't stop there. It also covers issues like focus, metering and using natural light to your advantage. So if your a complete beginner, this is the class for you! But if you already have some of the basics but are still getting blurry or dark photos and/or just can't seem to capture the type of photos you want, then this class is still for you any we'll work on resolving those problems too!

2)  I don't think you can develop the photography skills and form lasting habits in 3 or 4 short weeks. For that reason this class is 7 weeks long, twice as long as most online photography classes. And if you need more time than that, it's absolutely available, because  I'm pretty flexible that way! And I'll be there the entire time to answer your questions, provide feedback and give you specific ways to help you take the photos you've always wanted.

3)  There are NO specific time commitments that you need to be in class or online. None. I'm a busy mom too so the class is entirely online so you come and go as you please on YOUR time frame. Some students come to class only the weekends, at night, during nap time, or take a week off in the middle of the class... you do this class on a time frame that works for you!

4)  Every single photo you submit gets personal feedback from me. And I mean every single one. I really want to help you get better, so I'll tell you what you're doing well and specifically what you can do to keep getting better. And I promise it's all in a positive and supportive atmosphere.

5)  This 7-week class is $249. And if you enjoy the class, there are additional classes that build on this one. I will not leave you hanging. We're on this journey together, and many students say that's one of the best parts of the classes I teach, the supportive learning environment that I create and the personalized attention that I give all students.

To get all nitty gritty on this class click HERE.
To register for this class, click HERE

And if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

I'd love to have you there!

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