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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ji'an, Jiangxi, SWI

Several people have asked me, or maybe rather it's just come up, what I do here on this China trip. Mostly, I want to capture image that move people, and mostly move people to action. I think the first pic in the post especially has the potential to do that. To show the realness of Down's syndrome and the orphans of China. Martha was quite smitten with this gorgeous little dumplin', and honestly I had a hard time not taking pics of her. She is just such a delicious little puddin' pop! And smart! And ready to grow and take on the world! Then again, in the arms of a forever family, they all are really. 
We hauled this "stander" all over China, in and out of many airports and train stations and vans just to leave it at this orphanage. This little guy has CP and I don't know or not if this is his first time standing, but look at his face at the brought him upright for the first time! And that smile made it all worth while! This is the type of stuff that I got to witness over here with this amazing team.
Crazy beautiful smiles filled my heart and I'm reminded how children seem to be the same in so many ways not matter where they are from or their circumstances.
And do not even get me started about this last little one in the photo above. He will never ever leave my memory for as long as I live. Perhaps if we meet in person, I can share more. But for now, I am still processing. The days are full as is my heart. 


  1. You captured the beauty of the nannies and the hard job they have, as well as the beauty of the children.


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