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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Favorite Recipes (Smoothies)

It has been a while since I did a favorite family recipe. And since the ultimate plan is to make a family recipe book for each of our kiddos with not only favorite recipes from their childhood,  but also pics of them making and eating their favorite foods, I figured I'd better get cracking on it again. So here's the next one, which really is a favorite from my childhood that has been passed on now to my own children. 

Let me back up a few decades...

This is me. 
Circa January 1971 in the jungles of the tiny town of Santa Cruz, on the Matachen Bay, in Nayarit, Mexico. These were the days when my papa and I lived in a van down by the river... except as I mentioned way back when, the van was a 1967 VW bus and the river was the Sea of Cortez. 

Maybe you didn't notice that I don't have shoes on in this photo. I don't know if I even had shoes in this season of life, but I think it's a real possibility that I didn't. I think it's lucky that I even had clothes on in this pic cause there are many pics that I don't have clothes on from this season of life. Think hippie. Think early 70's. Think of the life style of a van down by the river, except the river is a warm ocean. Shoes and clothing were often optional. 

And what you also may not notice is the smoothie shop. Just in case you didn't see it that's the smoothie shop, also known as Pedro's house, on the right. With the chickens out front. Pedro had a pretty thriving business making smoothies for the town's folk going to work each morning. One of my earliest memories is sitting at Pedro's and learning that the word for banana in Spanish is banana. And it's also one of the key ingredients to smoothies. From what I remember Pedro only make one type smoothie, and it was the only type of smoothie I ever thought existed until 20 years later. 

I asked Papa, my Papa that is, to come to my house and make then for me again. He said yes. Cause he's awesome like that. 

Ingredients for Pedro's Smoothies

1 ripe Mexican papaya
1 banana (that's Spanish for "banana" just in case you don't speak Spanish) 
LOTS of oranges for fresh squeezed OJ
Possibly 1-2 T of sugar depending on the sweetness of the papaya, OJ, and sweet tooth of those drinking
Step 1 - Prepare the papaya but removing the seeds and peel and cutting into chunks and...
...and fill blender about 1/2 full with papaya chunks while saying good morning to Livy.
Step 2 - Peel banana and slice into blender
Step 3 - Squeeze enough oranges to go up to the top of the bananas. (Okay you probably could use OJ from concentrate. It just seems wrong to me, 'cause i cannot image that Pedro had frozen concentrate OJ, or even a freezer. I think Pedro was amazing lucky to have an electric blender and a power cord run from someone else's thatch-roofed hut with a very long extension cord. So even though we never ever have, I guess you could use OJ from concentrate if you needed to. It's not as sweet though so you might need to add a teaspoon of sugar if you did.)
Step 4 - Admire my father's hands. I love those hands.
Step 5 - Add a bloop of milk, (Yes, "bloop" is a specific mathematical measurement used all the time by my grandmother. Work with it people.) a couple cups of ice, and blend.
Step 6 - sample to see if you need to add a teaspoon or so of sugar. Nope, ours was just amazing-sauce as is.
Step 7 - Enjoy
The only variation that Pedro offered was to add 1 raw egg if you wanted a little extra protein, so feel free to add one if you want. 

Thank you, Papa, for coming down just to make smoothies for me! As always, the smoothies were delicious and the perfect way to start the day... maybe even as good as Pedro's! Minus the chickens. 

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