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Thursday, April 14, 2016

ChangSha No.1 Social Welfare Institute

I had so much fun today! It was wild and crazy but so much fun. See that sweet boy with me in the above photo? That's Luke, and he has my heart. He stole it today. Luke and I laughed and laughed about about a game we were playing on my phone. He'd throw his head back in laughter, then he'd grab my arm and nestle into me and give me a squeeze from the sheet fun of it all. Then we'd do it again. And again. I'm pretty sure that I had more fun then he did in those moments. 

Today was filled with so many occasions just like that. 
So many of them stole my heart. Stole all of our hearts. I want all of them to have a family of their own. And soon. I pray that it will happen for Luke and for each and everyone of them. They deserve nothing less. 
More fun with the little ones of ChangSha No. 1 SWI tomorrow! I'd better rest up!

PS-If you're interested in Luke or any of the children you see here please contact Gladney Center for Adoption. Most (but not all) of the children you see here are looking for their forever families.


  1. May the Lord bless your little ones who are waiting, and may his spirit wotk through you and your team powerfully. Father, be glorified in their actions, responses, interactions, and advocacy. Build love and unity in the team that demonstrates You to everyone they meet. Please move your people to adopt and support adoption and orphan care, in the name of Jesus.


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