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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Annual egg dye and Sunny's new baby

Better late than never, right? 
Notice the inclusion of Sunny and her sweet baby... and by baby I mean puppy. Unbeknownst to Papa and me, not only did Sunny coordinate a surprise visit with Livy and drove 12 hours to get here, but then she and Liv took over all the Easter kid duties including dying Easter eggs, stuffing eggs, filling baskets and doing the Easter egg hunt for the little ones. How crazy awesome is that! Ya, I'm THAT lucky to have my amazing big girls! And the beautiful German shepherd, Cali, is Sunny and The Airman's new baby! I just wanted to put all the cards on the table, and say this is the only baby in the foreseeable future. She's 9 months old so she's gonna get even bigger, and she fit right in with the whole crazy crew while she was visiting!


  1. I swear we're living parallel lives. My airman son and his wife just got a husky puppy. :)

  2. A fun time is had by all - thanks to Sunny and Liv, beautiful and wonderful daughters. Cali is gorgeous - German Shepherd are commonly used as family guard dogs in SE Asia. Very protective of own family but strangers, beware! These dogs are also known as Alsatians - originating from Alsace in Germany, I think.


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