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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Why we don't go to church on Easter

There are 2 services that we've stopped going to church. 
Maybe that's wrong.
'Cause I've been wrong plenty of times before.
Christmas Eve and Easter services, even when our family church offers several services, we often can't get a seat. We've happy to have so much new company in our church and new faces, but finding seats for 9 of us is a challenge. Finding 9 seats together is impossible. In past years we end up separating and many of us end up standing in the narthex watching service on monitors, and I'm embarrassed to say that if I'm one of them I end up disappointed. I know. I shouldn't be, but if I'm keeping it real (which is not an excuse) I am. My church is my home and on the most sacred of days I cannot partake. Actually that's a good thing, to have so many visitors, but Papa and I were tired of trying to make a traditional church service work for our large family and turning something sacred into something frustrating.

So a couple years back, Papa suggested we try something different, and not only did it work, it really worked for us! We are very lucky to have a church has it's services on live stream via the web! So on these most sacred days, now we stay home as a family and watch service from our living room, all together. Sometimes we pause the service and talk. Sometimes we cuddle. Sometimes we still have our jammies on. But on Easter and Christmas Eve you'll find us all together, in the comfort of our living room, listening to the most holy message. It's what works for us.  This works for us.

So from the comfort of my couch, probably in my dingy jammies, I'm wishing you a happy Easter, and praying (literally) that you find a way to slow down and take in the message of the most sacred of all days, even if it's in an nontraditional way.
Happy Easter, All!


  1. We go to every service but those two as well.. I wish my reason was as good as yours, but there are only two of us and not nine :)

  2. There are few things in the world as sacred as the love between members of a family, especially parents and their children, and doubly especially for the love between members of a family who aren't genetically related but who can see past that. Regardless of religion or holiday, I can't think of a better way to celebrate than what y'all are doing. Happy Easter!

  3. A wonderful and creative way to honor the two sacred days with the closeness of family.


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